Thursday, December 14, 2017


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I had an opportunity to attend and understand the Journey of DNA study. XCode Life is a privately held personal genomics and biotechnology company founded in 2011. It was named after the X chromosome which is shared by all humans. XCode was founded by Dr. Abdur Rub and Dr. Saleem Mohammed, two passionate scientists who were among the early crop of PhD scholars, during the completion of the Human Genome Project. Abdur Rub is the co-founder and CTO at Xcode Life, a global personal genomics company specializing in Bioinformatics and Health analytics using state of the art Genomics and AI technologies

 Xcode Life is a genetics, bioinformatics and health analytics company which offers a variety of services including genetic testing and health reporting services using DNA raw data from all major international companies​ ​including​ ​23andme,​ ​Family​ ​Tree​ ​DNA,​ ​Ancestry​ ​DNA​ ​and​ ​Helix. Xcode Life’s primary focus is to provide expert genetic reports in a variety of consumer and clinical domains that include personalized nutrition and fitness, precision medicine, skin, allergy and preventive health programs along with genetic counseling. The company is now expanding its reach into infertility, transplant, oncology, non-invasive prenatal testing where the tests will focus on response to hormonal therapy, male infertility, hereditary cancers, newborn screening and miscarriage and ancestry related information. The company works with professionals such as physicians, dietitians, fitness and others in augmenting​ ​their​ ​practice​ ​with​ ​genetics

Dr. Abdur ub is the co founder and C at code life, a global personal genomics company        specialiing in Bioinformatics and Health analytics using state of the art Genomics and AI         technologies. Abdur co founded code life Sciences in , to pursue his passion of making an impact on the current state of healthcare by facilitating access to cutting edge and affordable health information. Abdurs specialities range from molecular diagnostics, D management to scientific marketing, using which he aims to ​make an impact on the current state of  healthcare and wellness by facilitating access to state of the art technologies to everyone. Prior to code, Abdur has held various senior management positions in academia and industry. His past appointments included that of CE of Cell Diagnostics, Singapore, ice President of research, Credo Biomedical, Singapore and Head of In itro Diagnostics, ASA, Singapore. He is also the recipient of a number of esteemed awards such as the ASA young Scientist Award in and several international competitive Grant Awards for​ ​scientific​ ​research.  

Knowing your ancestry will help you realise your rich and unique heritage and your connection with the world. With Origin, you get to learn about your global heritage as well as a deeper understanding of your Indian heritage and relationship with various Indian ethnic groups. Learning about your ancestry is about discovering your connection with world. It’s about uncovering your unique genetic past, which eventually leads to the realization that we are all bound together in a connective fabric, not in a metaphorical sense, but in the real, scientific sense. The genetic ancestry test is capable of re-writing all rules of populations, boundaries, ethnicities, race and caste. It’s capable of ending human conflicts and leading to a harmonious world.

Hope you all did find this post helpful :)
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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

OOTD: Style Up Formal Skirt to Causal Outfit.

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Finally I am back on track. As you this is the time when we shop and make best use of season sale. So I couldn't resist to shop. 

I paired off- Shoulder top with pencil skirt, Yes, I always mentally put together all my outfit ideas. This skirt was in my whist-list when i spotted it on discount, immediately it was in my cart. 
I really love how the skirt material is, its nice and stretchy and comfy.

Outfit Details.

Top : Harpa 
Skirt : Purple Feather 
Peep Toes : Ajio ( MFT Coutoure)
Watch : Fast Track
Accessory : Lifestyle 

You can watch my Haul Video here

Hope You Enjoy :)

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

SnackExpert- Review

Hi everyone,

This is first time I

I hope you enjoyed my first ever typical unboxing on Instagram of the yum snackexperts snacks!
Snack Expert sent a box, worth 500 INR, & I had a ball taste testing all the yum yet healthy treats.

They provide you wide range of delicious and tasty snacks.

I really enjoyed these. Definitely gonna try more.

Rate 4/5

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Color Dose Nail Polish Swatches and Review

Hey Friends,

Today I am super excited to share the review and swatches of new brand Color Dose Nail Polish. Well, i bought these polish from Purplle.comThis apparently to be a new brand which recently came across. Let’s find out if this beauty is worth trying or not. What is so special and unique feature about this nail Lacquer is dries super fast, in spite of dark shade it doesn't stain your nails.

Color Dose Nail Polish

These nail paints retail at very reasonable price just Rs. 40/- each. What like most was wide range of colours. Here are few swatches. 


1. S
mooth texture
2. Glossy effect
3. Opaque in 2 coats


1.Need two coats to dry. 
2, Doesn't dry quickly 

Ingredients: Nothing Mention on Bottle 

Rate 3.5/5

Monday, July 24, 2017

DR. JAMUNA PAI - Oxy-Blast Luxury Facial REVIEW - SkinLab at Bangalore

Hey Friends,

Dr.Jamuna Pai made a switch to aesthetic medicine in 1994 following her lifelong passion for beauty, offer the best skincare treatments led her to envision a state-of-the-art facility, offering the latest in skincare at a time when there were a few takers. 

Today,i planned to visit them, beautiful interiors that had a very calming, clean effect on the senses, much like a spa. The staff were very friendly.

Dr. Jamuna Pai Oxy-Blast Luxury Facial

Here’s what the official website says on this facial:
“The OxyBlast facial therapy uses the healing and restorative powers of oxygen to heal and nourish tired, stressed out skin. With the help of an advanced handheld oxygen infuser, a potent and effective combination of 99.5% pure oxygen and vitamins is infused into the skin. Followed with our signature facial massage and a brightening mask, your skin will immediately feel nourished and well hydrated.”
What all the treatment includes:

Cleansing : Firstly, we started with gentle cleansing of all makeup. Then followed by the application of bleach to the skin to reduce the pigment of hair around the face and ears. 

Electric treatment: I was amazed to see this tool, initially was scared but my skin therapist (Sumitha) made me very comfortable. 

Steaming and Cleanup: She did amazing cleanup for me which involved steaming and removing blackheads.( 80% of blackheads were removed though it was painful but its ok).

Vitamin C serum: Protecting Your Skin From the Effects of Aging. Vitamin C is not only necessary for collagen production and maintenance, but it is also a potent antioxidant that can neutralise free radicals in the skin.(I recorded everything what my therapist told *wink* )

Brightening Mask: Finally, she applied a thick brightening mask that I kept on for about 15 minutes before peeling off. The entire process took close to 1 hours 15min. Firstly, i felt little suffocated later as it got dried i was fine and here is final look. 
My Skin Therapist Sumita

My skin felt cleaner than ever before, and looked completely radiant post the treatment. I would definitely recommend trying this treatment if you’re  if you tend to get exposed to the sun, travelling to work and face the brunt of pollution on your skin. For those with deep acne or uneven skin, it would serve as a base treatment for you to explore other therapies on a regular basis to address the issue at the root.
  • Completely worth the time
  • Gives your skin the effect of an inner glow
  • Cleans up problem areas
  • Give skin even tone.
  • totally worth every penny you spend
  • Nothing Much only time consuming. 
The OxyBlast facial. This treatment takes about 1hr 15min. The cost of Treatment~ Rs. 4,000.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Stripe and off the shoulder Dress Review ft Splash India

Hey People,

Splash the international high street fashion brand for men and women reinforces its presence in Bangalore with the launch of the store at VR Mall, Whitefield.
They have some really cool and funky designer wear. I bought few dress from there store. 

Stripe and off the shoulder trend is so much in fashion  I absolutely love the fit and style of this dress and the best part of this dress is you can style it in many ways. You can dress it up or dress down  as casual. I kept it pretty casual and little fun by adding those cute Ballet Flats, and I went for this real wearable makeup. Hope you Like the look. 

Out Fit Details

Neck Piece and Bracelet : LifeStyle Store
 Ballet flats :American Eagle
Bag : Bangkok
Watch : Provouge India

Monday, December 5, 2016

Makeover Nail Polish Brand Review| Stain Test | Review and Swatch

Hey Friends,

Today’s blog post is dedicated to another nail polish swatch and review. 
This apparently to be a new brand which recently came across.  
Let’s find out if this beauty is worth trying or not. What is so special and unique feature about this nail Lacquer is dries super fast, in spite of dark shade it doesn't stain your nails.

Price & Quantity: Rs. 131/- for 9ml

Shelf Life: 36 months

Ingredients: Nothing Mention on Bottle 

Availability: Amazon


1.Smooth texture
2. Gel like finish
3. Glossy effect
4.Opaque in 1 coats
5.Dries quickly
6.Thick consistency, which is needed in gel nail polishes

Nothing :)

Disclaimer: The product is been sent by for the review purposes, but views shared are my own.


Hey Friends,  I had an opportunity to attend and understand the Journey of DNA study.  XCode Life is a privately held personal genomic...